Hire a solo performer Bernie Stick

Why hire a solo musician?

  • Hiring a full band requires a larger budget.
  • It is ideal for a more intimate event.
  • It makes for a memorable event.
  • If you have a special request only 1 person needs to learn the song (not 2 or more people… requires more work).
  • Solo artists can perform in smaller venues.
  • You can deal directly with one person and that person is responsible for everything
The Pedal Board

This is not a singer/musician who sings to pre-recorded tracks. Like a pianist, I perform on a single instrument (live) and sing.

The instrument is a Chapman Stick.

Live streaming will let me work at a micro-level that I might not have done before. The ability to try out parts before I actually assemble a song will be interesting to try out.

There is a risk in doing this because improvising is always a trip into the unknown. Doing it live brings it to another level of anticipation or fear.

The songwriting process and live streaming is an approach to writing that is also performing at the same time. So it will be interesting to get feedback from an audience.